Dwyane Wade trying to find his way with new team, asks to come off bench


Through three games with the Cleveland Cavaliers Dwyane Wade has struggled to find his fit in the offense.  He is averaging only 5.7 points while shooting 28% from the floor. Wade is coming off of his worst game on Saturday night against the Orlando Magic.  He finished with only five points on 2-8 shooting.

“I’m trying to find it, man,” Wade said. “It’s very different, different than I’ve ever played. Just trying to find my way, as we go on, see how I can be best for this team. Everything’s happened so fast. This has been a long, a long week.”  

On Monday Wade went to Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue and asked to be moved to the 2nd team.  It was an honorable request considering Wade has started his whole career and is a sure fire Hall of Fame player.  Coach Lue talked about Wade’s request.

“It doesn’t matter how long, he came to me,” Lue said. “He saw that it would be better for him with him in the second unit because he can be featured and have the ball in his hands more than he was in the first unit. Class act for him to come to me and say, ‘You know what, I’m ready to make that change.”

Wade discussed his request to move to the second unit at practice today.


Wade should see better opportunities running with the second unit as he will be going against other teams backups.  He will also get the opportunity to be the main option with the bench bunch and work on fitting his game into the Cavaliers system.

The move to the bench also allows J.R. Smith to return to his spot as the starting two guard and will give the starting lineup another outside shooting threat.  Wade is expected to return to the starting lineup once Isaiah Thomas is ready to take the floor.

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