Cavaliers players “air out” their differences during a team meeting on Tuesday


The Cavaliers held a players only meeting before practice on Tuesday. The team has gotten off to a disappointing 3-4 start and the players are not having fun playing the game right now. Coach Tyronn Lue touched on this very subject as well as the team needing to get in better shape.

Off the court we’ve got great chemistry, great bond,” said Cavs coach Tyronn Lue. “Just, on the court we just got to be better. Like, talking, communicating, enjoying the game together. Having fun. … Right now guys are not having fun.”

They have gotten off to slow starts in most of their games so far and all four of their losses came against teams who did not make the playoffs last season. A team source stated that Lebron James was a vocal participant in the meeting. The same source also indicated that the meeting was very productive. All of the players were given the opportunity to speak their mind so that they could collectively iron out their differences. The meeting lasted well over an hour delaying the start of practice.

The meeting came the day after Lebron James hosted his annual halloween party at his house for the team. This event provided a chance for the new players to get some binding time with their new teammates.  Kevin Love thinks the party was a step in the right direction for the team to right the ship.

“I think it was good for us,” Love said. “I think it definitely lightened the mood and it was definitely a get to know you moment with a lot of guys. … I think in some odd way it will definitely help us.”

The all around effort needs to pick up collectively as a team. In too many instances so far this season the team has looked disinterested for most of the game and they don’t start to play hard until it’s too late. Hopefully the party and team meeting will help solve some issues on the court so this team can take their play to the next level.  We will find out on Wednesday when the Indiana Pacers invade Quicken Loans Arena.



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