Dwyane Wade thriving as Cavs 6th man


Cavs guard Dwyane Wade has been thriving in his new role running the point for the second team. Bringing Wade off of the bench gives the Cavaliers a playmaker to run the reserves which is something the team lacked last season.

Wade is averaging 11.9 points per game on the season…12.2 points per game since moving to the bench. He has been playing particularly well during the Cavaliers current 12 game winning streak. Over the past nine games Wade is averaging 16.7 points per game. Overall on the season he is shooting 46% from the field and a career high 36% from three point range. He has been a big spark for this team and is one of the early leading candidates for sixth man of the year.

With Isaiah Thomas due back within the next two weeks there have been rumors that Wade would return to the starting lineup along with Thomas upon his return. Wade has other thoughts as he is hoping to remain in his current reserve role.

“I’m good where I’m at,” Wade said in an interview with cleveland.com. “The problem would only be worse when Isaiah comes back, because he’s going to need his shots. Where I am now, it’s working for me and for this team.”

“Hopefully it continues,” Wade told cleveland.com of his role. “If it changes, then I’ll make another adjustment and try to be the best at that. But right now hopefully it stays this way for me.”

Ultimately Cavs coach Ty Lue will have the final say in the matter. Lue stated that he will evaluate the situation once Thomas is ready to return and go from there.

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